We need to build 50 ramps in 2022

Thousands are waiting for FREEDOM

More than 500,000 Arizonans live with ambulatory disabilities

Changing LIVES one RAMP at a time


SAWs® Southwest, Inc., (SAWs SW) is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing freedom to low-income, permanently disabled individuals through the construction of wheelchair ramps to the exterior of the homes. Our ramps serve as their gateways to the world, re-opening the possibilities of connecting with neighbors and the larger community. Ramps provide independence and dignity. Our volunteers, which include men, women and youth, are rewarded for giving generously of their time by the smiles and the tears of joy expressed by the recipients of their work. We are experienced carpenters and we are students, we are retired executives and we are stay-at-home moms, we are nurses and we are pastors. There is always something to do for people of all skills. 


SAWs SW seeks to transform the lives of our ramp recipients and our volunteers through meaningful service. There are two main criteria for determining if the application is a qualified need. Ramp recipients are those who demonstrate a permanent, long-term need. Ramps are free to those who qualify.  Those working with a referring agency that has pre-determined a financial need will be accepted. Individual applicants can qualify based on the County Median Income for their county of residence and the total household income for all occupants. (SAWs defines a referring agency as any organization that serves you by providing resources that help overcome challenges. Examples of agencies include, home health care workers, social services agencies, rehab hospitals, or case managers.) Lastly, the location of the proposed ramp must be suitable for ramp construction. A site survey/evaluation will determine if a ramp is feasible. The construction of a ramp must have the approval of the landowner or landlord (if renting).


SAWs SW works ecumenically to build high-quality, removable and reusable pressure treated, ADA compliant wooden ramps for individuals requiring wheelchairs, scooters or walkers for their mobility but cannot afford one on their own. The SAWs ramp system is unique in that it is customizable to fit the space available along with being removable and reusable should the need no longer exist.