SAWs Partners

Our Partners are essential in providing the support we need to free low income, disabled persons from their homes and enable them to reconnect with their community. Community resources come in various forms and all are important in helping SAWs extend our reach to help more people experience the independence and dignity of being able to exit their home unassisted.

Referring Agency Partners

SAWs is in the process of building a strong referral network consisting of healthcare providers and nonprofit agencies that already work with our future clients and are more familiar with their circumstances. Referring partners help make SAWs Southwest aware of people in need. We are grateful to those nonprofit and healthcare professionals who help us identify the need within their communities.

Team Building Partners

We welcome a diverse group of team building partners that include businesses, churches and service organizations. SAWs provides the on-site expertise and all of the tools needed for the construction of a ramp while the team provides the volunteers. Our team builds are popular because of their immediate, tangible impact on the lives of our clients and their caregivers. We are grateful to our Team Building Partners for investing their time, talent and financial resources with SAWs.